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Dermaheal Renewal Cream

Restore your dry skin with this rich moisturiser that is nourishing, gentle and fragrance-free.

  • Chronic inflammation is slowed down due to growth factor complex and cytokines
  • Skin is soothed and moisturised due to evening primrose oil which does not clog pores
  • Prevents UV-induced skin damage through Astaxanthin
  • The skin barrier is restored, and the skin retains moisture through Panthenol and Essential Fatty Acids


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  • Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream is a rich moisturiser that works to restore and remodel tight, dry skin. It has an emollient base and advanced cellular regeneration technology.

    The cream works to encourage tissue regeneration and collagen production, which fights ageing in the skin. If you use this cream regularly, you will notice the reduction of visible lines and wrinkles and thinning and textural issues.

    This cream is suitable for dry skins with signs of early and mature ageing, and it is fragrance-free, so sensitive skin should benefit from it.

    The ideal skin type for this cream is if you have very dry skin. If not, i.e. if you have more oily skin, it may be too thick and rich for you. When you have got your skin used to using this product, you can use this cream once a day and then step up and use Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream in the evening.

    Make sure to be cautious and apply a good high factor sunscreen because the active ingredients increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.