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Rejuvoderm Night Maintenance


An essential skincare serum that improves your skin’s general health and provides optimal exfoliation properties.

  • Improves overall skin health
  • Optimizes exfoliation
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • Skincare can be a complex endeavour to engage in. Sometimes, it is even more essential to take care of your skin’s health alone and not overly worry about maintaining aesthetic appeal. However, you could find some rare products capable of delivering both benefits to you at once. With that in mind, the Rejuvoderm Night Maintenance works wonders for you.

    As its name suggests, this skincare product is an ideal one for night applications. It is a natural exfoliant that improves your skin health and provides a good base for applying other skincare products. With a simple-to-use application and a wide array of natural ingredients, this serum works for everyone - even people with the most sensitive skin.

    The most prominent active ingredient inside the Rejuvoderm Night Maintenance is Prunus Persica Leaf Extract. It is a natural emollient that provides benefits such as improved moisturization and skin conditioning. Applied over the night, it will have you waking up with beautiful, healthy skin.

    You also get Saccharide Isomerate - an improved moisturizing agent that offers optimal hydration both in the short and long term. Lactic Acid improves skin smoothing and promotes collagen synthesis, while Malic Acid optimizes your skin texture and offers antioxidant properties.

    For collaboration, this product works well with the Age Reversal Night Complex, which treats several anti-ageing signs effectively. It also works with the Omega High Impact Serum, which delivers increased collagen production and anti-inflammatory action.