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Sun-C SPF 50 Body Spray Sport

Step out this summer knowing Niume has you covered, with all your essential sun-care needs! This convenient, high-protection sunscreen provides ultimate protection against harmful UV rays.

  • Non-whitening formula, made for all types of skin
  • Certified broad-spectrum (UVB & UVA) protection - factor 50
  • Antioxidant Complex protects against harmful effects and reduces visible signs of ageing
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Provides moisturization and wrinkle smoothing effect


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  • Nimue Sun-C SPF 50 Sport Body Spray is a new and improved water-resistant sunscreen, available in a spray bottle that disperses a light mist for convenient and easy use. This lightweight, oil-free sunscreen was formulated with a high UVB and UVA protection. Not only does it shield the skin from harmful rays, but it also can resist pro-ageing solar radiation, leaving you with happier, healthier skin.

    This powerful sunscreen spray is packed full of beneficial ingredients, which help protect the skin from sun damage. Titanium Dioxide is the latest generation in UVB protection, providing a powerful, certified broad-spectrum. Vitamin C and E work wonders on sun-damaged skin; that’s why this formula is packed full of it, offering relief from skin irritation.

    Niume Sun-C SPF 50 Sport Body Spray works best when used with Nimue After Sun Hydrator and Nimue Moisturizer Lite. Both products help protect the skin from sun damage while restoring moisture and leaving the skin looking and feeling softer than ever. Never worry about painful sunburn again with these products by your side!

    Designed with the whole family in mind, this powerful sunscreen body spray can be used all over the body for protection against harmful UV rays.

    Perfect for:

    Sensitive skin.

    Skin needing extra protection against the sun.

    Environmentally damaged skin.