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Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Never worry about problematic under-eyes again, with this light but powerful anti-ageing eye cream! Bring the glow back to your skin with this super hydrating wrinkle fighter.

  • Nourishes tighten and lift the skin around the eyes
  • Restores firmness to sagging skin
  • Excellent for treating dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Protects the skin barrier


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • Niume Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is a light-textured eye cream that was formulated with rejuvenation in mind. This dual-action formula reverses ageing signs by plumping wrinkles, hydrating the skin, improving elasticity, and smoothing fine lines around the eye area.

    This lightweight eye cream is packed with tons of beneficial ingredients such as Chicory Root Extract and Calendula Flower Extract. These extracts provide elasticity, working to repair and moisturize the skin deep down. This effective eye cream also contains powerful anti-ageing actives such as Colloidal Platinum and Sorghum Bicolour Stalk Juice, promoting skin tightening, smoothing, and all-around rejuvenated skin.

    Ageing skin, whether it be premature or natural, can have harmful effects on your confidence. Sun and stress, among many other factors, can add to dull and tired-looking skin. That’s where Nimue Anti-Ageing Eye Cream comes in, proving that no matter the age, it’s never too late nor too early to start taking care of yourself.

    Nimue Anti-Ageing Eye Cream works best when used together with Nimue Alpha Lipoic Activator and Nimue Anti-Ageing Leave-On Mask. Both products are formulated to revitalize ageing skin, banishing fine lines and wrinkles by highly moisturizing and improving cellular circulation.

    Get visibly smoother and softer skin with this energizing, plumping booster that stimulates the production of collagen!

    Perfect for:

    Environmentally damaged skin.

    Problematic skin, especially those concerned with ageing around the eyes.

    Hyperpigmented skin.

    Sensitive skin.