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Corrective Serum

Banish acne forever with this lightweight serum, promoting brighter, softer-looking skin you’ll be proud to show off.

  • Purifies and clarifies the skin
  • Controls breakouts
  • Promotes healing and calms acne-related problems
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation


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  • Nimue Corrective Serum is an effective skin restoration cream made to treat problematic skin. This perfectly formulated serum works to balance the natural bacterial ecosystem, preventing oil and acne buildup within the skin. Promoting healing, this serum works to purify and clarify the skin from inside out, leaving you with softer, brighter-looking skin.

    This multi-active serum is packed full of beneficial ingredients such as Willow Bark Extract and Lacto Complex, helping repair and soothe irritated skin. Salicylic extract optimizes skin rejuvenation, improving the clarity, texture, and overall health of problematic skin. Seboregulating Complex aims to restore the overall balance of acne-prone, oily skin.

    Nimue Corrective Serum works best when used alongside Nimue Conditioner and Nimue Active Gel. Both products work towards cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, banishing acne and irritated skin for good. Welcome a softer, healthier complexion into your life!

    An essential product for all acne sufferers, a gentle and effective solution to troubled and tired skin.

    Perfect for:

    Acne-prone skin.

    Hyperpigmented skin.

    Environmentally damaged skin.