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Marine Replenishing Peptide Masque


A calming and moisturizing skincare gel that penetrates the skin in good time, offering optimal soothing and elasticity amendments.

  • Improves skin lifting and firming
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Provides hydration and reduces sin breakage
  • Improves skin appearance by smoothening and optimizing firmness


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • The Marine Replenishing Peptide Masque is a luxurious and elaborate skincare gel that provides various benefits to the skin, both in health and aesthetic appeal. The skincare gel primarily provides a calming feeling that allows you to feel better and more confident about how you look. From there, it replenishes the skin’s surface and improves its moisture levels, preventing issues such as dryness and breakage with a straightforward application.

    One of the many benefits you stand to gain with this skincare gel is that it absorbs into the skin in little time. So, you can use it as a foundation for other skincare products without worrying about the time taken for it to be applied. Once it penetrates the skin, you begin to see benefits as quickly as possible.

    One of the most prominent ingredients in this skincare gel is the Inter-Penetrating Bipolymer, which provides effective lifting and firming benefits for the skin. You also get a healthy dose of Caesalpinia Spinosa Oligosaccharides, which provide natural hydration and regulate your skin’s hydration levels to ensure an even look. For people with overly oily skin who might have hydration problems, this skincare gel is an incredible product to have.

    You can use this product with several others, including the Spazone Intense Finishing Touch - Body Gel that improves skin detoxification and purification. There is also the Spazone O2-Purifyer – Face + Body Enhancing Serum, which provides a visible lifting effect and removes all signs of wrinkles.