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Neck + Breast Refining Complex


An easy-to-use skincare regimen that takes care of the delicate patch of skin around the neck and breast, with benefits including skin firming and restoration.

  • Optimizes skin firmness around the neck and breast
  • Clears out uneven skin toning
  • Improves the production of collagen
  • Combats accelerated skin ageing


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • When it comes to skincare, most people tend to focus on the areas where they can see. Places like the face and the arms get all the attention, while parts like the neck and breasts are often overlooked, primarily because they are covered. However, as skincare enthusiasts will tell you, optimal care can only be achieved when you focus on the body in its entirety.

    Thankfully, you have an amazing product that can help with that here. The Neck + Breast - Refining Complex is a simple and effective skincare regimen that caters to the delicate skin patches that tend to get ignored, ensuring that you can harness the power of complete, effective skincare at all times. Combining technology and active ingredients, this skincare regimen firms the skin while reducing ageing signs and lightening any uneven skin tone areas.

    The most prominent ingredient available in the Neck + Breast - Refining Complex is the Inter-Penetrating Bipolymer, which speeds up the cream’s absorption into the body and provides benefits such as skin firming and lifting. The product also comes with a healthy dose of Shiitake Mushrooms, which improves skin firmness and tone while also improving skin fibres and elastin production.

    You can use this product with several others, including the Spazone Active Body Oil, which provides a soothing and massaging effect on the body. It also works with the Spazone Active Facial Oil, which improves your facial skin tone and offers powerful antioxidant properties.