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An effective nutritional supplement that provides support for women during ovulation by supporting some of their most prominent biological functions.

  • Improves ovulation and fertility in women
  • Improves menstrual balance
  • Takes care of acne and inflammation
  • Optimizes insulin resistance


Flavour: Peach

This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • Ovaria is an effective and reliable ovarian-health nutritional supplement that does a great deal to help women while they ovulate. It primarily addresses Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) issues - a hormonal disorder that causes your ovaries to enlarge significantly. PCOS usually comes with a wide array of issues, many of which are related to your reproductive, hormonal, and metabolic systems. With the Lamelle Ovaria, you have a drug that can help with mitigating these concerns.

    Lamelle Ovaria is an encompassing drug that provides a wide array of health benefits. It can bolster your ovulation, essentially increasing your fertility chances - especially if you’ve had fertility issues in the past. The drug also provides balance in your menstrual cycle and can improve your body’s insulin resistance.

    You also get a lot of skincare benefits from the product. PCOS is known to instigate several skincare challenges, including acne and inflammation. If you’re an insulin-resistant woman, these conditions could get significantly worse. With the Lamelle Ovaria supplement, you can optimize your resistance against these issues, improving the feeling and appearance of your skin. While the drug focuses primarily on insulin resistance, you can rest assured that these effects will also be prominent for you.

    If you would like to combine the Lamelle Ovaria with other skincare products, you’ll be glad to know that you can. The product works well with the Laser Azu Repair, which soothes and calms your skin. In ovulation periods, this combination can be perfect.

    The Lamelle Ovaria also works well with the Daily Ultra Defense + ßeta-Endorphin Stimulator, which refreshes the skin and provides a better skin lifting sensation.