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Pelo Baum Lash Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Are lashes looking a little dull? Get those gorgeous full lashes you have always dreamed of with Lash Lash Serum.

  • Eyelash thickness improved by 71% after eight weeks
  • Eyelash density improved by 104% after eight weeks
  • Increase blood circulation to promote hair nutrients
  • Strengthen follicle to avoid the lash loss


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  • Often we are much too rough with our lashes. We put makeup on them and then scrub too hard to get it off. Of course, this is very damaging to our lashes. Then there is also natural damage that can happen to them as well. This wonder serum is exactly what you need for beautiful, thick lashes. It strengthens the follicle by activating its stem cell by promoting the lash and eyebrow growth phase.

    By combining many powerful peptides, Pelo Baum Lash Lash helps strengthen, protect, and nurture eyelash hair. It does this by switching them back into a growth phase for thicker, fuller, longer lashes in just a few weeks! The study has shown that eyelash thickness improved by 71% after eight weeks and eyelash density improved by 104% after eight weeks. These are amazing results!