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Super Smoother Dual Hyaluronic Action


A gel serum that delivers on triple threat action combats ageing signs, injects moisture into the body, and provides a dose of smoothness to the skin.

  • Improves skin moisturization
  • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
  • Optimizes the synthesis of collagen
  • Delivers immediate and long-term plumping effects


This product contains Superpowers aka Active Ingredients

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  • It’s challenging to find skin serums that provide multiple actions across the board. However, the Super Smoother Dual Hyaluronic Action indeed does a fantastic job. While the serum’s primary objective is to give smoothness to the skin and improve its overall texture, it also moisturizes the skin while preventing the formation of ageing signs.

    Whatever your age or skin type, rest assured that the Super Smoother Dual Hyaluronic Action is just right for you. It is impressive how it works, combining a wide array of natural ingredients and innovative technology to ensure that your skin looks and feels fantastic. You can rest assured that this product works for everyone, no matter how sensitive your skin might be. You will also love the serum’s ability to provide moisture without making you feel any excessive oiliness.

    As the name suggests, the star ingredient in this product is the Dual Hyaluronic Acid, which improves natural moisturization while also reducing oiliness. The component is also responsible for bolstering cellular response in your skin. The serum also contains Red Algae Extract, which improves the synthetic of the Dual Hyaluronic Acid while also reducing the loss of moisture provided.

    For collaboration, you can use the product with the Techno 5 serum, which provides optimal skin resurfacing and smoothening. The serum also works well with the “On Q” Quenching Facial Oil, which reduces signs of ageing and provides a healthy dose of several vitamins and nutrients.