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4 Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

So it’s winter and it’s great because you don’t have to worry about that bikini/summer body, right?WRONG! Glo Laser
Winter is the perfect time to start working on that body with 4 essential treatments offered byGlo Laser & Beauty. Even though you are covered in layers and layers of clothing this winter we want you to feel your most comfortable without any clothing. (Wink wink) Which is why we call these treatments the BARE necessities. See what we did there?
Bare necessity 1.  
Laser Hair Removal
Hair today, gone tomorrow. Laser hair removal is an essential part of the most comfortable you. When summertime comes and your friends decide on an impulsive pool party, we don’t want you to worry whether you have shaved or not. Reduce your hair growth by 14% after each visit. By “suns out buns out” season you will have a lot less hair to worry about.
Bare necessity 2.  
Skin Tightening
One of our clients’ favourite treatments at ourParkview branch offers a new solution to unwanted body fat, droopy skin or even areas like “drop knees”. This treatment is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction using radio frequency. Once again, an amazing treatment that will make you want to rock your birthday suit even in this cold winter.
Bare necessity 3.  
Scar Removal
Scars are formed if the skin has undergone injury and inflammation has been present in the area. Some love and embrace their scars and to those people, we say, good for you. Glo laser and beauty definitely loves it when people embrace their true self and accept their bodies’ imperfections. However, some people who do have scars on their bodies find it difficult to embrace it and ultimately feels insecure and uncomfortable. Glo Laser and Beauty has the right technology to help those out who strive to be the best versions of themselves and for some, that means getting rid of scars holding them back from feeling comfortable in the nude. We offer excellent scar removal solutions using a combination of ultrasound and micro-needling which reduces the appearance and texture of scar tissue by gradually resurfacing the skin to even out the scar.
Bare necessity 4.
Stretch Mark Removal
I am sure that if you had to ask a room full of women if they had stretch marks, almost all of them if not every single one will say yes they do. If you ask the same group if how they feel about their stretch marks you can bet that more than 80% of them will say it makes them feel insecure. Stretch marks are even a common occurrence under men, who also do not love them. Our Cleopatra Glo treatment will help reduce the visibility of your stretch marks. This bare necessity is our second most popular treatment, second to laser hair removal. Let us give you the confidence boost you need to bare it all.
VisitGlo Laser & Beauty for 40% off on all bare necessity packages. Because a summer body is made in winter inside our salon.

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