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Cancer Survivor Beauty Treatments

Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Every woman overcoming cancer will have different views and desires for beauty before and after procedures and treatments. It is nice to know that there are cancer survivor beauty treatments for women who wish to use makeup to feel good about their appearance.
We all think that being hairy is such a mission - until you don’t have any left. As we enter October, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, we once again realise the struggle Cancer Survivors have to go through during chemotherapy. But we don’t realise what the after effects of chemotherapy are 6 months down the line.
Hair loss is one of the most well known side effects of cancer treatment - that’s not just on your head. That’s losing hair under your arms, on your legs, losing those fabulous lashes, and even losing your eyebrows.

Wanting Fabulous Lashes

“Losing my hair made me look bald, but losing my lashes made me look sick!” - Cancer Survivor
One of the cancer survivor beauty treatments that Glo Laser & Beauty can offer you, is known as lash extensions.
As mentioned before, one of the side effects is the loss of lashes - and no lashes mean no lash extensions. This is because the lash extensions are applied to your individual natural lashes. Whereas fake eyelashes are glued onto your eyelid. Therefore, if you want any lashes at all, it will have to be fake and glued onto your eyelid.

Lash Extensions: One of the Cancer Survivor Beauty Treatments

Lash extensions can be defined as the process of synthetic hairs that are bonded directly onto your own natural eyelashes. We make sure that the health of your natural lashes is maintained by isolating each lash before applying the extension.
So if you finished your chemotherapy treatments more than 3 months ago and you have a few lashes that are starting to grow back, lash extensions are perfect for you! The lash extensions last more or less 2 weeks depending on how rough you are with your lashes. We advise clients to come for a refill if you want it for longer.
If you still don’t have your lashes back, don’t worry! Keep using those fake lashes with adhesive and eyeliner if you need to. With time, your lashes will grow back. If they don’t grow completely back, then make that appointment. You deserve it.

Wanting Brows on Fleek

Another side effect of chemotherapy is the loss of eyebrows. And therefore microblading forms part of the cancer survivor beauty treatments that Glo Laser & Beauty can offer you.

Microblading: Another one of the Cancer Survivor Beauty Treatments

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where the pigment is being implanted under your skin using a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. We draw hair-like strokes with a manual tool which enables mimicking of the natural hairs in your brows. This procedure is not as deep as a regular tattoo, or permanent eyebrow makeup, but this treatment can still be classified as a tattoo procedure as pigment is implanted under your skin.
If you are considering microblading, a consultation before your treatment is a must. Before this treatment, your technician might ask you to come with your eyebrows pencilled in to provide a guideline for the technician to see how you prefer your brows to look on a normal day. You can bring along a picture as a reference of the eyebrow design you desire to have.

What can I expect?

Most clients choose to keep the look defined, but as natural as possible. The microblading procedure will vary in cost, but you may want to be cautious not to select someone just because they are less expensive. Make sure you consider their work and what others have to say about their experience.
An initial microblading procedure lasting about a year can cost around R1100.00, or more in some areas. But remember, there will be upkeep which you will need to incur annually if you continue to maintain the look, but touch-ups are always less expensive than the initial procedure. A follow-up procedure can cost between R550.00 and R800 - depending on who did your first treatment and how long ago you’ve had it done.
Remember, it is a tattoo and you will need to carefully take care of your skin following the procedure. We require that you get a release from your oncologist prior to your treatment, and it will also be a good idea to discuss your health prior to any such procedure.

Make an Appointment with Glo Laser & Beauty

We are not suggesting that you need to wear makeup or have eyebrows and lash extensions while healing, we merely recognize that taking care of our body physically, mentally, and sometimes aesthetically can help you feel better. We feel if it helps with your healing - do what makes you feel good inside and out. Whatever choice you make, may you put your best brow and lash forward in your appearance and in your healing.
Glo Laser & Beauty offers both of these treatments. So if you are ready, feel free to make a booking and we will make you feel like your beautiful self again!
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