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Enjoy instant facial rejuvenation with the Alma Beauty Reboost treatment at GLO.

Anyone with any interest in the beauty secrets of women like Cleopatra, will know that milk baths were quite the standard for rejuvenating the skin.
It’s been written by Hippocrates that Cleopatra used the milk of 700 female donkeys to bathe in (source:, which is just too out of this world today. That’s if you even found a milk bath remotely exciting or enticing!
In case you wanted to know: it was the lactic acid contained in the donkey milk that made it such a sought-after method of exfoliation.
Thankfully, today we have experts like the team at Glo Laser & Beauty who can do much more than mere exfoliation. This is where beauty has been refined and turned into a holistic approach to beauty that’s pain-free.
The Alma Reboost does far more for any skin imperfection than a head to toe milk bath ever could!
If any skin imperfections brought about by stress, pollution, UV radiation, medication, hormones and an unbalanced diet are playing havoc with your complexion, then The Cleopatra Glo is just the thing for you.
If you’ve been caught off balance with an invitation to attend a function without much time to prepare, having to look your best with skin that hasn’t been pampered for a while, The Cleopatra Glo achieved by the Alma Beauty Reboost is the perfect answer!
If what you want is to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, or to treat skin that’s uneven and dull, then this is the treatment for you.
Today we don’t have to live with the self-consciousness that a scar on the face causes because treatments like The Cleopatra Glo by Alma Beauty Reboost will remove scars that mar an otherwise unique beauty.
This intensive treatment is formulated to stimulate the all-important collagen and elastin production that slows down as we age, and to tighten the skin, a procedure that’s carried out using micro needling.
Micro needling may sound a little daunting, but it’s definitely not what you may be imagining by now!  While virtually pain-free, micro needling does cause very slight discomfort, but wow, the results are so worth it!
In any case, you’ll have an awesome beauty therapist holding your hand the whole way through, bringing comfort and laughter to the whole experience.
If you decide that you’re worth the investment (and you are!), treatments will last between 70 to 90 minutes, which, considering the fantastic result, is well worth it.
The Cleopatra Glo also targets aging necks by using a pixel pen, ultrasound and micro needling to give you back a neck that’s beautifully smooth.  These treatments combined lay the groundwork for the effective absorption of the topical ingredients that are applied during the treatment.
The active ingredients in The Cleopatra Glo penetrate beyond the skin barrier so effectively that what you’re left with is a skin that’s beautifully toned and clear.
Take the time out to give yourself this ultimate treat and let the team at Glo Laser & Beauty introduce you to a whole new way of looking at your skin.

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