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The Power of Ice in your Beauty Routine:
Ice as a Makeup Primer
Using a primer on your skin before applying foundation has many benefits such as sealing your pores to lessen their appearance, it smooths your skin, giving your make up an even and velvety appearance, it also makes your make up stay on for longer. Sometimes primers can be expensive and it’s simply not in everyone’s budget to afford such extra expenses. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Simply rub an ice cube all over your face right before you apply your foundation to give your skin a refreshed look and make your make up last longer than usual.
Tighten up your Skin
If you want a fresh and tightened look to your face when you wake up in the morning, all you need to do is put a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and rub it over your face before you apply your night cream. The coldness of ice help to constrict your pores, smooth your skin and promote good blood circulation to the area.
Relieve Puffy Eyes
The skin under your eyes are extremely sensitive and easily shows any signs of imbalance such as poor diet, stress or lack of sleep. Puffiness or bags under the eyes are irritating and can cause a lack of confidence. You can easily get rid of it by brewing a cup of Green tea, placing it in an ice cube tray and freezing it. Once the tea is frozen, wrap it in a clean cloth and gently rub it underneath your eyes for a few minutes, this will help relieve puffiness around your eyes and as an added benefit green tea is a strong anti-oxidant which will reduce free radical activity on your skin, thus preventing ageing.
Reduce Redness of Blemishes
Gently rub an ice cube over a red pimple, this will help reduce inflammation in the area and soothe the area. If you use an ice cube on a pimple before applying a spot treatment this can help to decrease the size of a pimple quicker.
Numb your Brows before you Tweeze
If you are very sensitive when it comes to plucking your brows, then this trick will come in very handy next time you’ve got the tweezers in your hand and ready for your brows- simply take an ice cube and rub it over the area for a few minutes, when you are ready you can proceed with tweezing once you feel any pain again just rub the ice cube over the area again. This works because cold from the ice temporarily constricts blood flow and deadens nerve endings in the area.
Sunburn Relief
Most of us are aware of the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, but we also know that it is not always possible to avoid the sun all the time and sometimes we do forget our sunscreens at home. So if you are the unfortunate victim of sunburn, follow this easy recipe to help ease the pain. Mix some aloe vera gel with water, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. Once frozen you can rub the ice cubes over the affected area for an instant cooling and healing effect. Make it a habit from now on to never leave the house without a tube of Sunscreen in your bag!
Super Ice Cleanser
If you want a skin cleanser that will leave your skin glowing, try this easy recipe. Puree a cucumber, add a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice, pour the mixture in an ice tray and freeze. Take it out a few minutes before you want to use it so that is can become slushy. Gently rub it all over your face in circular motions, you can leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse with clean water. The cucumber helps to refresh your skin, over time helps to fade dark marks and improve complexion. Honey is a natural anti-bacterial substance, which can help prevent breakouts, it is full of anti-oxidants which help to slow down the ageing of the skin, it has great moisturizing and soothing properties which will help give your skin an instant glow and it also helps to prevent congestion by easily unclogging pores. Lemon will help to exfoliate the skin, giving it a refreshed look, it also helps to fade dark spots over time and prevent early formation of wrinkles.

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