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4 Reasons why your skin needs water

4 Reasons why your skin needs water

1. Water can assist in bringing a glow to dry & dull skin
If you don't remember to drink water during your busy day it could contribute to dull, dry skin; and don't think the 5 cups of coffee you drink will make up for it, they don't. Taking in hydration through coffee has the opposite effect by causing dehydration.
2. Strengthen your skin and reduce wrinkles
Dehydration is going to slow down the blood flow to your skin and make the creation of new skin cells a lot harder. As a result, it makes your skin appear thin, giving wrinkles a perfect breeding ground to spread like wildfire!
3. Bring out your natural radiance
Water increases the blood flow necessary to maintain a healthy, glowing skin and works quietly within your system to remove toxins and spread the nutrients vital to assist ageing skin, which consequently makes looking after it with the right skincare routine and products a lot easier.
4. Promotes Healthy skin cell generation
Although we can't see it, it’s a fact that day by day we shed old skin cells and generate new ones, but then oil-clogged pores that trap old skin cells come along to upset the balance and water is a great way to encouraging healthy skin cell turnover and getting the moisture balance right.
Last, but very definitely not least, never leave home without sun protection cream under your moisturiser, even if you are using a moisturiser and base with UV protection, that first layer of protection is the perfect foundation for skin that will age gracefully!
You do the water and UV protection thing, and the passionate team at Glo Laser & Beauty will do the rest, offering you the best in skincare treatments and products to add to the natural beauty of your skin; they would love to be part of your journey to a radiant skin and welcome you to the GLO experience!

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