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Nails to match your holiday plans

Only a true girly girl will know the feeling finally being on holiday and have the nail colour to match it. Because your holiday plans are never really complete without a mani and pedi to match your destination.
So we have paired up the holiday destinations with their matching Gelish colours personalised for you this festive season.
South Coast, baby!
As you get ready to soak up some sun, let us soak off your nails and replace it with some vibrant colours to go along with your tan.

Blissful in Bazaruto!
Inspired by the many colours of the reefs of Mozambique, any of these Gelish colours will look fun, flirty and amazing all summer long.

Keepin’ it classy in the Cape!
Keeping it cool in the cape with these amazing colours. Perfect for all the Fancy Nancies out there who will spend their days filled with red lips and wine sips.

Wild and untamed in the Bushveld  
If you are taking a well-deserved break from the city life, why not try something a bit wild. These colours are meant to unleash the inner vixen in you...meowww!

Happily Homebound
Ah, there's just no place like home. Here are our personal favourites at Glo Laser & Beauty for those of you who will be chilling at home with the family. Just some subtle colours to match your days of relaxation and winding down with your loved ones.

Europe adventure
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my nails look so delightful. If you are heading to Europe for some fun in the snow what better colour to match with fireplaces, hot chocolate and Christmas sweaters than these dashing reds. Oh, and a little sparkle as well off course. 

Look great at any holiday destination with Gelish nails perfectly done at Glo Laser & Beauty

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