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Pamper yourself from head to toe to keep a healthy balance.

In our fast-paced stressful day to day world, a bit of pampering and time to relax is essential to maintaining a good balance that keeps us healthy in mind and body.
The individual therapists at Glo Laser & Beauty are all passionate about giving clients their undivided attention to get to the bottom of any skin condition, and then to find the perfect treatment.
We know that beauty starts within.  The better we feel about our appearance, the more confident we feel, and we deserve to indulge in what it takes to feel great!
Here are a few of the indulgent treats the Glo team has in store for you:
Indulge in and pamper yourself with a:
A facial is where the Glo Beauty Experience starts, if you’d like to start head down.  A good place to start is to book a skin consultation (free of charge!) with a therapist to find the perfect facial to suit your skin type.
By the time you lift your head, ready to walk out the door, your skin will feel revitalised and look radiant. Having a regular facial with salon-quality skincare products will make a big difference to keeping wrinkles and aging skin at bay.
If you want a massage that really revitalises and recharges you, then Glo has the answer with various massages that target specific areas on your body.
You won’t believe what a really good massage can do, not only to relieve stress and tension, but to improve blood circulation and boost the immune system.
Booking a regular massage can even have a powerful anti-aging effect, which is something most of us would be happy about, especially when it comes in such a relaxing form!
Medi Massage
Oh yes, there exists massage that goes beyond the usual awesome massages at the hands of Glo therapists!  A medi massage is carried out using Near Infrared Technology to relieve joint pain, stiffness and minor pain.
This technology is ideal for muscle spasms, muscular back pain and minor sprains, increasing circulation in the areas causing pain. Imagine how great you’ll feel after a massage like this and then ask yourself why you haven’t booked one yet!
Biominceur Slimming wrap
Our new slimming wraps not only helps you get rid of unwanted fat, but it is also super relaxing. This slimming wrap provides a complete detox to your body. You can just lay down, relax and feel your body being cleansed.
Book your next indulgent pamper session at Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria and meet the friendly Glo family. The warmth of the welcome you receive will definitely keep you coming back for more in this comfortable atmosphere.

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