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Reasons for Skin Pigmentation and What to Do About It

Hyperpigmentation is a general term that refers to a skin condition where the skin is darkened or discoloured. It can be brought on by many different factors. Melasma also causes skin pigmentation but isn't entirely the same as Hyperpigmentation so before we continue, let's look at the difference between the two.
Acne, skin rashes and sunlight all have the potential to stimulate melanocytes, also known as the pigment-generating cells of the skin. These elements create an overabundance of pigment, causing them to insert their pigment into the deeper levels of the skin. This discolouration is typically referred to as hyperpigmentation.
Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation that's typically found in women and is thought to be triggered by exposure to the sun, as well as hormonal influences, making it a common occurrence in pregnant women or those undergoing IVF treatment. You'll typically find it in symmetric hyperpigmented areas on the face, like the cheeks, nose, chin, upper lip and forehead.
While no one should ever feel like they have to hide their natural skin, it's vital to know the differences between the two conditions should choose to receive treatment.
Most Common Causes of Skin Pigmentation
  • Prolonged sun exposure without UV protection
  • Hormones due to pregnancy and other hormone treatments
  • Genetics
  • Chronically inflamed skin
Best Treatment for Pigmentation on Face
One of the best and most effective treatment options for Hyperpigmentation is chemical peels. Since Melasma is harder to treat, you might need laser therapy to completely remove pigmentation. The experts at Glo Laser & Beauty also recommends a combination of brightening ingredients like the Nimue Hyperpigmented Skin Range and sunscreen whenever you go out.
The solution to treating both of these pigmentation types mentioned above is by immediate intervention.  For more information, visit the skin experts at Glo Laser & Beauty. We can help you identify your pigmentation type and determine the most effective treatment options both at our salon and at home.

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