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Summer skincare tips for different skin types.

Carefree sunny days are here again and our skin is coming out of hibernation, which means you’ll have to adjust your skincare routine accordingly.
Good skincare is important all year round, but in summer your skin needs a little extra care, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time relaxing in the outdoors.
Make sure you know as much as you can about your skin before you embark on the skincare regime that’ll feed your skin beautifully during these lovely sunshiny days.
Here are a few skincare tips for different skin types to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer, if you have:
Dry skin:
Gentle is the operative word here!  Too much heavy-handed exfoliation will cause your skin to dry out even more.  Take the gentle approach to exfoliation once or twice a week to slough off surface dead skin cells.  Taking this consistent approach to exfoliation is going to leave you with smoother skin that looks refreshed.
Your skin will be in desperate need of moisture so go wild! Keep your skin radiant and supple by choosing a moisturiser that offers hydration that lasts and retains its moisture.  Add a serum into the mix and you’ll be giving your skin all it needs to glow.
Make sure you do your research before settling on the right mask to make sure it’ll ramp up the moisture you feed your skin.
Carrying a facial mist with you is going to keep your skin beautifully hydrated on the go, besides which, it’s a delicious feeling of coolness on your face when you give it a spritz in the heat.
Oily skin:
Believe it or not, the heat of summer will contribute to the oiliness of your skin, trapping in dirt and oils that clog up your pores.  Exfoliating once or twice a week is going to clear out your pores, but make sure you use a gentle exfoliator.
Detoxify your pores by using a mask after exfoliation, preferably one that contains clay, for a beautifully clear complexion.
Use a light moisturiser in summer so that your skin has the chance to breathe, which helps minimise blemishes to give you a happy, clear summer skin.
Combination Skin:
In general a combination skin consists of two zones.  The one is in the T-zone and the other on the cheeks.  Oiliness in the T-zone area and dry skin on your cheeks means you have to take a different approach when using masks.  Each area needs a different type of treatment, which makes it worth trying out two separate masks to get the balance right and to leave you with a glowing complexion.
Try a gentle, concentrated exfoliator to reduce the oily appearance of your T-zone, and use an extra-hydrating serum to smooth and moisturise dry cheeks that feel tight.
Take a multi-targeted approach to the different areas of your combination skin, using a gentle hydrating moisturiser for the very dry areas on your skin, and a moisturiser that will create a matt effect on the oily areas.
The first line of defence for all skin types in summer:
Sun protection!  Our South African climate demands that we use sun protection creams very generously.  This should be non-negotiable, especially if you’d like to keep wrinkles at bay. Remember: the damage won’t manifest until you’re older, so take precautions now!
Visit Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria or Johannesburg to find out more about your skin type and which of the awesome beauty products lining the shelves in this stunning salon will work best to keep your skin glowing this summer!

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