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Take the royal road to beauty at Glo Laser & Beauty in Pretoria!

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Cleopatra right idea about spending hours and hours soaking in milk and rose water to indulge and enhance the great beauty, seducing two of the most powerful leaders of her time in the process!
Royal jelly was her go-to for dark circles under her eyes and for smoothing out any wrinkles in a very dry skin. Clay masks also played a major role in the natural beauty routine that made sure that Cleopatra lit up any room she entered!
Ancient Egyptians and their Queens placed vanity high on their list of priorities, believing that cleanliness was important in honouring their God’s.
Egyptians were a vain nation, one in which beauty was revered above all else, and no one knew more about the effects of sun damage to the skin than Egyptians.
Sun protection started this far back, giving us an indication of just how much UV rays can do to ravage the skin.
The ancient Egyptians fought aging with a vengeance, using sesame and castor oil in their battle against the terror wrinkles could wreak on their skin.
Honey and milk baths were all the rage, keeping skin beautifully hydrated in the dry, mostly desert regions these women live in.
Exfoliation with Dead Sea salts were the choice of beautiful women in Egypt and with Cleopatra, keeping skin looking rejuvenated and blemish-free.
If these women from ancient times were so determined to take such immense care of their skin, why shouldn’t we?
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic promises an experience that’ll leave your skin glowing every bit as radiantly as our sisters from ancient times did, and boy do they deliver on these promises!
The plethora of beauty products available today all started out in ancient times, but with technology and research, we have a lot more choice than they had back then.
The Glo experience will introduce you to their products of choice, Lamelle and Nimue. These are beauty products that’ll make such a difference to your skin that you’ll never look back!
Ancient beauty relied on natural beauty treatments, and so does the team at Glo!  Beauty doesn’t have to come cost in terms of pain, especially not the way you’ll experience them at Glo Laser & Beauty.
This team of experienced, passionate beauty therapists aim for non-surgical, pain-free beauty treatments, making sure that both women and men have the option of choosing the natural way to beauty.
Glo Laser & Beauty will take you on the royal road to beauty, treating you like a queen with their own brand of magic, in an atmosphere that lulls you into sheer relaxation in a salon fit for the queen you deserve to be.
You’ll feel like royalty as you celebrate inner and outer beauty, wellness and diversity with the beauty therapists at Glo, who’ll throw an extra dash of love and laughter into the time you spend spoiling yourself with them!
Beauty in Pretoria has never looked better than when it’s delivered by Glo Laser & Beauty. Give yourself the right to be pampered every bit as much as Cleopatra did, it’s good for your soul!

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