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Tips for First Time Tanners

Don’t you just love it when you go on a beach holiday and you come back with a nice healthy tan? Tanned skin not only looks good, it also makes you feel so healthy. But of course, vacations at the sea are not always possible, especially if you are tied up with your real world responsibilities. So, how do you get that healthy glow?
Tanning for Beginners
The answer to your dilemma is a tanning bed. They are conveniently located within your city and they often offer deals that are hard to pass up. But it can get dangerous if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Luckily, you don’t have to look far, because Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic wants clients to be safe, hence this short guide to prepare first time tanners:
Apply a layer of Aloe Vera
Lotion is a must for tanners using a tanning bed. But before you put it on your skin, grab some Aloe Vera and apply it all over your skin. The Aloe Vera will provide your skin with the nutrition and moisture that it will need. Once you’ve applied a layer of Aloe Vera, you can apply the lotion of your choice.
Cleanse your skin beforehand
Do you wear a lot of makeup? If so, you should make it a point to wash it all off before heading down to the tanning salon; you should also remove your deodorant. The reasoning for this is that makeup and deodorants often contain a low grade SPF; they can prevent the UV rays from covering your skin properly and may result in an uneven tan. So, if you want to make sure that you get an even tan, wash off your deodorant and makeup.
Carefully choose your lotion
Now that you’ve removed your makeup and applied Aloe Vera, it is time to decide what kind of lotion you want to go with. There are typically two types of lotions to choose from: the accelerator and the bronzer.
The accelerator provides your skin the jumpstart it needs to get tanned. Meanwhile, a bronzer gives your skin a painted on tan. Fair warning if you choose to apply the bronzer: remember to wash your hands after putting it on your body, because if you leave it on for too long, it may result in your hands having a darker shade than the rest of your body.
Don’t wash off lotion and aloe
After your tanning session, you may be tempted to scrub away the gunk on your skin left by the Aloe Vera and the lotion. Don’t do it. Leave it on your skin for as long as you can. Doing this can help your skin process the UV rays and prevent your skin from drying up.
Getting a tan this way definitely has its benefits, but it’s also important to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy during the process...and remember, there is never an excuse to forget the sun protection cream!

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