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What can a chemical peel do for you?

Let’s start with what a chemical peel is before we get into the various ways in which a chemical peel can work.
In the first place, as daunting as it may sound to have small amounts of skin peeled away in various areas of your body, these peels are extremely effective in renewing the appearance of skin and rectifying any damage created by a smog-ridden environment.
Discarding old skin cells
A chemical peel in the right professional hands, is designed to give new skin the room to grow once old skin cells have been removed by the peel, which also uses the natural processes of renewal offered by your body.
In winter especially, dead skin cells are formed by the drying out of the skin in the cold, which is the perfect time to supplement gentle exfoliation with a chemical peel.
Will the results last?
Yes!  You can look forward to results that leave your skin glowing for months, and even for years, but for this kind of longevity you’ll also need to be committed to taking good care of your skin on a daily basis, with the right products of course.
Erasing skin imperfections
We know by now that a chemical peel will remove dead cells in order to make way for new skin to grow and glow, so it will naturally also work to remove damaged skin, improve skin tone and erase any skin imperfections that have you hiding behind thick layers of base and powder.
Great for ageing skin?
Absolutely! Once the chemical peel has worked its magic, you can look forward to skin that’s visibly smoother and plumper. If your skin is sun damaged, or deeply wrinkled, a chemical peel will work wonders for improving the appearance of your skin.
Rejuvenation, resurfacing of the skin, as well as firming and tightening, are all members of the same family that need a little assistance as we age, which is precisely what the peel does, pain-free!
Acne & hyperpigmentation
These are two skin conditions that have a major impact on the lives of women living with them, affecting their confidence to the extent that some start to avoid any social interaction.
The good news is that Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic, though they may not be able to completely erase these conditions, are able to make a visible difference to the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.
In general, chemical peels are great for improving your complexion by stimulating healthy new tissue growth, and the younger you start, the better.
Of course it’s still essential that you establish a consistent skincare regime at home as well, making sure that your skin has the best treatment every day, in and out of the salon!
Glo Laser & Beauty technicians are exceptionally well trained in the use of all the highly evolved biotechnologically designed products they use, which are all manufactured by Lamelle Research Laboratories in South Africa.
If you’d like to set up a free consultation to discuss chemical peels for any skin conditions you may be struggling with, please contact Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic, this innovative team offers the best in skincare in Pretoria and Johannesburg!

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