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Are you ready for a mini beauty holiday after a busy festive season?

If you were the one doing the entertaining during the festive season, no doubt you’re ready for a mini-holiday already, and so you should be!
Problem is, life has gone back to its hectic routine very quickly, with lift clubs for the kids back in full swing, executive meetings running back to back, or the donning of any of the many other hats a woman can, and has to wear!
So, how do you give yourself this itsy-bitsy holiday, once everyone else has had their long one at the expense of your energy? No matter how much you loved having everyone congregating around your home and table, it’s time for you now!
One of the best places to start is to plop yourself down in the chair at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria and just let it all hang out!  You’ll be among women who are great listeners and want to turn your temporary stay with them an experience that’ll leave you refreshed, mind, body and spirit.
The individuals that make up this great team of beauty therapists will be more than happy to write up the perfect pamper prescription for you, designed to take you out of the chaos of the world and draw you into one of healthy indulgence.
This is a prescription that should be repeated of course! A regular mini-holiday for any busy woman is a must. It’s the grease that keeps the wheels of daily life turning smoothly for everyone else!
In fact, these ladies are so much more than a team beauty therapists! They are each passionate and highly qualified Somatologists, dedicated to providing all that their clients need holistically, to reach a level of health and wellness that comes from inside out.
This is the first level of care you can look forward to from day one as you sink into that comfy spot in an environment designed for pleasure, and the joy that comes from celebrating our right to be pampered, around people who really love what they do.
Then you get to the aesthetic side of your time out of the world, where no beauty treatment or therapy is designed to hurt!
It’s all about pain-free beauty at Glo, with a vast range of approved clinic treatments targeting every skin condition, from acne to pigmentation and aging skin, or anything in-between! The products we use are of the best quality and is guaranteed to be nice to your sensitive skin. Because you see, just like you, we like are products like we like our people: Non-toxic
Add a facial, foot and hand massage to a full body massage lasting an hour to one mini-holiday at Glo, and then try to peel yourself out of the salon!  You’ll probably have a better holiday than anyone else did while you were slaving away to keep them happy!
The royal treatment doesn’t stop in the salon with quality skincare products such as the Lamelle and Nimue. You’ll also be given all the guidance you need to keep looking and feeling good between your breaks at Glo.
Do whatever it takes to get away, well, almost whatever it takes, and get that mini-holiday under the belt before you think of tackling another day without this awesome boost to your health and wellness!
So what are you waiting for? Press that reset button at a Glo Laser & Beauty near you and start this month on a new page!

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