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It’s never too soon to start protecting skin from the ravaging effects that long term exposure to UV rays can cause, though for teenagers and those in their early twenties, it’s difficult to accept having to be consistent about sunscreen.
Those are the years when being sun-kissed gives a fabulous glow and luminosity to the skin, however, it’s a downhill road from there to the first appearance of fine lines, often sooner than appreciated.
The fact is that we do all need the vitamin D our bodies make when we’re exposed to the sun, but only for healthy amounts of time. This is so that we are able to fully absorb the calcium we need for strong, healthy bones, but, it requires very little time in the sun to produce it.
We all know by now that exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, but it doesn’t stop there.  The entire immune system can be suppressed through unprotected exposure to UV rays, which can also cause slow deterioration and damage to the eyes.
According to NASA, UV exposure has increased over the last thirty years, leaving the generation that was soaking up the sun thirty years ago as the one that today is battling everything from sun spots and sun damaged skin to skin cancer.
You are welcome to read the article written in 2010 here.
Everyone needs sun protection, it’s a non-negotiable fact today if you want to keep your skin beautiful and younger looking!
Whether you have a lighter or darker skin colour, the need to cover up with sunscreen is equally important, and that applies all year round. Just because you can’t see or feel the sun doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t penetrating a fragile ozone layer.
Your basic steps to great sun protection:
Whether you wear makeup or not, the first layer to add to your skin before anything else is a good facial sunscreen.  Don’t rely on the fact that your foundation has a SPF, there’s never any certainty about the level of protection.  The rule should be to wear SPF 30 under makeup at all times, besides which, it’ll give you a great primer from which to start your makeup routine.
Yes, you should be wearing sunscreen even in the office!  Believe it or not, even sitting near windows that are tinted will allow up to 50% UV light in. Combine that with the UV damage that can be caused by fluorescent lights, and you may as well hang out in the sun all day!
When you’re out and about, remember that your face, hands, arms and neck need protecting, especially when driving.
When you are outdoors of course, you need to get extreme about sunscreen!  Reapply often if you’re swimming or perspiring. No matter how waterproof the sunscreen is, it’s worth the extra effort when you look in the mirror later in life.
We at Glo Laser & Beauty stock only the best. If you use Lamelle’s Helase 50 sunscreen or Nimue’s Sun-C , we can assure you that your skin is safe. It may seem like a bit too much right now, but trust is, if you apply it regularly, you will thank us in 10 years.
Avoid the hours when the rays are strongest:
In general, even on cloudy, cooler days, the sun is at its strongest between 10am and 4pm. The wisest thing to do is to stay in the shade during this time, whether at the beach or not.  The majority of sun damage is caused by exposure to UV rays as we go about our daily activities.
Cover up:
Light, loose long-sleeved tops worn under an umbrella, along with flowing comfy pants during an outdoor party or day outdoors is going to add an extra layer of protection to your sunscreen during the hottest time of the day. Hats, scarves, you name it, if it covers up comfortably, use it!
Wear sunglasses:
100% UV protection and nothing less will do if you want to protect your eyes!  The sun can burn the cornea after just one day of exposure, and, too much sun exposure over a prolonged period of time can lead to cataracts as you age.
If you do have sun damaged skin:
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria offer a range of non-invasive treatments that can really make a visible difference to sunspots, skin pigmentation or sun damaged skin.
Contact them today to book a free consultation to plan the right treatment to help reverse any sun damage already done, and lay claim to healthy, revitalised skin.

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