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Use makeup to enhance rather than to age your appearance

Makeup can do one of two things; properly applied, it can bring out and highlight natural beauty, bringing with it a youthful glow, or, when used incorrectly, can have the completely opposite effect of deadening any possible glow and aging the appearance of skin.
Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup as we age, in fact, starting out this way leaves much more room to expose naturally healthy and glowing skin that is allowed to breathe.
Many women look at models in magazines and see perfection, however, they do not see the hours of intense preparation that goes into that flawless-looking makeup.
Makeup artists are truly just that, artists, and it takes their knowledge and skill to produce what is then captured through the camera lens of yet another experienced creative.
Trying to emulate what is seen in these high fashion beauty images is a mistake many make.  It’s impossible to look like much of that in the light of day to day life, in the wrong daylight and artificial lighting in offices and at night.
What happens is that in a quest for this perfect image, women from young to old apply layer upon layer, shade over shade in an attempt to get as close to what they see as possible, but never getting there.
From an inside track in the modelling world, it’s well known that most women who spend their lives under the careful brushes of makeup artists spend their personal time without a stitch of makeup on!
When we’re young we want to look older and more sophisticated, and as we get older, we want to look more youthful, this is natural, but there is a way to achieve the perfect balance without hiding the beauty that comes from within.
As older women, we need to work sparingly with foundation.  It should only be used to create an even skin tone with which to work when applying the rest of your makeup.
Avoid magnifying any fine lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth by lightly brushing on as translucent powder as you can get away with. Anything darker will highlight those pesky lines!
Avoid thick, dark eyeliners, they serve only to make your eyes look smaller.  Use an earbud to smooth just enough liner along the top lash to open up your eyes, focussing on softening the outer corners a bit with an earbud for a smudged look.
Stick to lighter shades of glossy lipstick that will give your lips a fuller look, heavy matt lipstick is going to run into any lines around the mouth and make it look tighter.
Knowing how to use mascara, blush, lip liners, eyebrow pencils and all the other goodies on the market today makes a big difference to the way in which your makeup adds or subtracts a few years!
If you really want to make life easy on yourself in terms of makeup, no matter how old you are, invest in permanent makeup!
With the help of the team of professionals at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you’ll be able to plan the right eyebrow, eyeliner and lip liner shape that will change your makeup life for good!
If you want to spend less time trying to get eyeliner perfect in the morning and have that natural look any day of the week under any circumstances, without feeling naked, then make your booking today for permanent makeup at Glo!

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