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The basics of good skin care in your fifties

The team at GLO Laser and Beauty hold to the firm belief that no matter what your age is, beauty is defined by how well you take care of and treat yourself and how happy and at ease you are with yourself, the rest is really just icing on the cake, important though it is.
If you have taken good care of yourself and made wise choices like not smoking, managing stress in healthy and effective ways as well as avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, entering your 50’s will be a lot easier for you in terms of your skin.  Nonetheless, thinner skin, sagging and bone loss around the jaw that can lead to the jowls that every woman does her best to avoid become essential areas to take care of so that your fifties really can be as fabulous as they should be.
The fine lines and wrinkles that started in your thirties deepen and dry, flaky skin along with hyper-pigmentation become issues that need to be treated with a lot of love and care in order to give your inner beauty free reign to augment a committed skin care regime.  You’re GLO Laser and Beauty therapist has the training and experience to give you the personal attention required to determine which Lamelle range of skin care products will work hand in glove to achieve the full effect that you deserve in order to make the most of your fifties!
The team of highly trained beauty consultants at GLO Laser and Beauty are on a mission to create a salon environment that is a celebration and expression of health and beauty, both inner and outer, inviting each client into their world of beauty where diversity and individuality is at the top of their agenda and personal attention is a given.
Your GLO Laser and Beauty consultant will  give you her undivided attention as you work together to find the best solutions to target the areas of your skin that require the most attention in your fifties, choosing cleansers, serum’s and moisturisers as well as night time treatments designed to retain and enhance the natural beauty of your skin.
GLO Laser and Beauty does not only focus on assisting clients with healthy skin regimes but also provides many of the other beauty treatments that make every woman feel like they have just returned from a relaxing holiday in some exotic destination, so that every GLO Laser and Beauty client that walks out of the salon feels like she is walking on air!
Visit the GLO Laser and Beauty website to choose your beauty treat, whether it is a massage, reflexology, treatment for pigmentation or scaring and everything in between including pain-free laser hair removal!

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