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Gloing skin in your 40’s

Before we delve into the basics of caring for your skin as recommended by GLO Laser and Beauty it is important to point out that no matter what your issues may be with your skin, related to any age or skin condition, GLO Laser and Beauty consultants will spend quality time with you in order to define exactly which skin treatment will bring out your natural glow.
Having chosen the Lamelle skin care range as their product of choice, GLO Laser and Beauty consultants are confident that this extensive range of superior South African beauty treatments offers the perfect solution for any age and every type of skin problem.
If you are fair skinned heading into your 40’s it’s a pretty sure bet that sun damage will become more pronounced, especially in our South African climate, causing splotchy skin and hyper-pigmentation to become more evident, whereas for dark skinned women in their 40’s will be dealing with wrinkles and other issues such as loss of skin volume that start making themselves visible.  This is also the age when hormone related skin problems begin to manifest as signs of dryness become more pronounced.
In your 40’s gentle milky or creamy cleansers are essential to retaining moisture, and using serums rich in antioxidants like vitamin C or E, along with serum enriched eye creams will give you the perfect base for your final layer of moisturiser which should always contain a sun protection factor of at least 30.  It is worth taking a little more time with your night time skin regimen to give it an extra boost as you rest, in addition to which your GLO Laser and Beauty consultant will ensure that you are using the perfect skin care product to boost your reserves of collagen as you sleep in order to prevent sagging as you age.
As their systems used were Aesthetic Awards Winner in 2015, you can trust the GLO Laser and Beauty therapists to bring out the best in your skin in an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and stylish, encompassing every beauty treatment from massage to pain free laser hair removal dedicated to making you feel like the queen you really are.

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