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Say goodbye to your "turkey neck"

Gravity, the sun, and naturally the reality of the aging process are all factors that contribute to the beginning of a sagging neck, and if you have family members who have the generally dreaded ‘turkey neck’ the chances are that you will be predisposed to developing the same problem.  Doing a bit of research into what you can do earlier on in life to prevent a sagging neck is well worthwhile, or you could visit your GLO Laser and Beauty salon to get expert advice from the professionals who will guide you to treatments which will give you a fighting chance before sagging has a chance to set in.
While your beautiful eyes and magnificent smile may well detract from a sagging neck, the reality is that as women we really just don’t like what happens to our neck as we age, and wearing polo necks on a daily basis, especially in the South African heat, is just not practical!
GLO Laser and Beauty has a non-invasive Radio Frequency treatment that will definitely ease any panic you may be feeling about getting rid of your sagging neck without having to resort to surgery!
GLO Laser and Beauty recommends their Alma Beauty Reform Laser, which is a skin tightening Radio frequency technology, designed to produce amazing results from the first treatment session in their beautiful salon.
Radio Frequency will first heat up the area to 39°C in order to stimulate the collagen and elastin production in your skin by working deep within your skin.  In terms of home treatment recommended by GLO Laser and Beauty, the first is to drink water, water and more water, while we know most people are far from crazy about drinking water, it is still one of nature’s great contributors to healthy skin!
Your GLO Laser and Beauty therapist will spend quality time with you in order to plan a home care regime using Nimue and Lamelle products to keep the balance between treatments and home, so that ultimately, the GLO Laser and Beauty team will be able to celebrate the disappearance of your turkey neck and enjoy the fun of watching you take a completely confident selfie you can share with joy!

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