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Beauty essentials to take with on your next camping trip.

Glamour, great skin care and camping are not mutually exclusive, in fact, for any woman determined to look and smell good, even while roughing it, it’s an absolute necessity.
Camping is the ultimate switch off time, and if you love the outdoors, going au natural isn’t going to be a major issue. Besides the fact that you won’t have to carry too much with you by way of beauty products, your skin will have valuable time to breathe in the fresh air surrounded by nature.
Fresh air, without the smog and pollution our skin has to deal with, gives skin a fantastic break, and, provided that you’ve lathered on sun protection, the sun will add to its natural healthy glow.
Pack these beauty essentials on your next camping trip and you’ll be ready for anything:
Insect repellent:
Hyenas cackling in the distance in symphony with lions roaring aren’t nearly as nuisance-worthy as bugs are when you’re camping!  If you have particularly sensitive skin, you definitely don’t want to risk camping without a really great insect repellent. There are quite a few on the market that do the trick and smell great into the bargain.
Anti-itch lotions:
There will still be a persistent bug or two that’ll get through the barrier of insect repellent you’ve lathered on, so be prepared by adding a good anti-itch lotion to the mix.  There are also more than enough plants, herbs and bushes that could also cause rashes, and they’ll be a lot less irritating with an anti-itch lotion on hand.
Hydrating sunscreen:
The outdoors means serious sun exposure, hat or not.  UV rays are not going to take a holiday just because you’re camping, and if ever there’s a time to layer it on, this is it.  Remember; applying it once isn’t enough.  No matter how waterproof the label says the sunscreen is, you’ll still need to keep applying it at intervals, especially if you’re using a spritzer to keep your skin hydrated.
Lip balm:
Your lips are going to need as much protection and hydration as your face and body will outdoors, so keep it very close at hand…and don’t choose a cheap option, it should hydrate and protect all in one super go.
Keep your spritzer handy to keep your fresh-faced au natural look on the hottest of days, and to enjoy the benefit of its cooling effect on your skin.  Try to find a spritzer that’s packed with hydrating goodies like essential oils and botanical extracts – take two bottles for safety if yours is a long visit in the outdoors.
Facial wipes:
Moisturising facial wipes after a day in the wilds are great.  They’re a good way to wipe off the dust and dirt of the day before applying moisturiser.  They’re also great to keep with you while you’re hiking, just make sure to replenish and protect your skin with a hydrating sunscreen after wiping.
Dry shampoo:
Long luxurious showers are most certainly not synonymous with camping, which is why a good dry shampoo is a great idea when camping.  It’ll bring life to your hair and clear away the dirt of the bush. You also won’t have to deal with knots you just can’t get out, without yanking painful chunks of hair out.
Choose a deodorant that’ll last. You’ll need it, especially if you’re going to be involved in outdoor activities that’ll leave you really sweaty.
These are the basics for keeping your skin looking good and remaining as fresh as possible when camping, without carrying a suitcase filled with every jar and pot you can find along with you.
Above all else, have fun while remembering to take care of your skin and how great you look, even in the bush!
Corrective serum:
Lamelles Nourish rescue repair corrective serum is a must have on a camping trip. Nourish Rescue Repair is a skin cooling and calming product that’s used to soothe redness, heat and irritation after sun exposure, with the added function of turning off any free radical activation that was caused by the UV light. It soothes and restores the skin. Available at all Glo Laser and Beauty Salons

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