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3 Reasons why we offer FREE consultations

3 Reasons why we offer FREE consultations

You might be thinking: "No such thing as a free lunch". But here are three reasons why we give FREE consultations. 


  1. To give you answers

    We know that when it comes to treatments like laser or radio frequency, our clients tend to be a bit sceptic. We want to give everyone peace of mind about what they can expect. In the free consultation, we answer all the FAQ's eg. "Does it hurt? How many sessions do I need?"
  2. To give you advice

    We advise the correct in-house as well as home care treatment to best suit your needs. Our experienced therapists have seen it all and you can trust them to give you expert advice.
  3. To give it to you straight

 We examine your main concerns and tell you exactly how we can treat them to achieve optimum results. The therapist also advises clients on treatment intervals, pricing, and expected outcome. Everyone is different and sometimes it is just better for our therapist to examine the problematic area in person as opposed to giving our opinion over the phone that may be inaccurate.

a Free consultation is basically just a 15 minute no strings attached meeting at our salon aimed at making you comfortable and informed.

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