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The GLO Laser and Beauty approach to changing the face of acne.

The psychological and social impact of acne is of great importance, and not necessarily because of the severity of it, but the disabling effect it has on young people already struggling with all the other changes that come with entering the teenage years, and acne can affect anyone from between the ages of 12 and 25.
Every young person wants to be accepted socially, especially during this sensitive age when self esteem and body image is foremost in a young adult’s abilities to find acceptance and to ‘fit in’.  Girls may tend to wear too much makeup to cover up even though it aggravates their acne, while boys are left to fend for themselves in this respect.
GLO Laser and Beauty has gone to great lengths to do all they can to assist acne sufferers to start claiming back a healthy skin with which to face the world head on, with in-store treatments that include Acne Peels and Deep Cleanse Facials to begin the process of healing, as well as a range of Lamelle home care products designed to continue the process started in the welcoming environment of the GLO Laser & Beauty salon.
Acne Peels by GLO Laser and Beauty therapists use the Lamelle Beta Plus chemical peel range to gently remove unhealthy dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin and to unclog the pores in order to prevent blackheads and lesions from worsening.  The Acne Peel is also used to speed up skin cell renewal.
With a GLO Laser and Beauty Deep Cleanse Facial, impurities in the skin will be removed gently and a specialised mask applied to assist in the control of problematic skin.  Your GLO Laser and Beauty therapist will consult with you in order to establish a healthy home skincare regime, ensuring that you have Lamelle home-care products with which to continue taking exceptional care of your skin in between what should become a monthly visit to GLO Laser and Beauty for your Deep Cleanse Facial.
In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the GLO Laser and Beauty salon you will find a team of beauty therapists who are passionate about giving you their best in order to encourage you to let your inner beauty shine through to a skin on its way to absolute health!

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