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Everything Glo Laser & Beauty offers is designed to provide you with the full beauty treatment  package rolled into one at their inviting, comfortable and fashion forward laser hair removal and beauty salon in Pretoria.  Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic uses their premium product of choice, Lamelle in order to offer facials that go further than simply skin deep.  This scientifically proven beauty product is used by the experienced beauty therapists at Glo Laser & Beauty in their facials which include steam masks, deep cleansing, extraction and massage.
Hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles are treated with this superior product, and if you would like a little more, Glo Laser & Beauty offers pain-free non-invasive treatments targeting wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring and stretch marks.  The Glo Laser & Beauty anti-aging treatment uses a Near Infrared Light which is passed through the surface of your skin in order to heat up the tissue beneath the surface, tightening the skin.
Innovative non-invasive treatments for acne scars or any other form of scar includes the use of MicroPeel or MicroNeedling treatments, which assist with a reduction in the appearance and texture of scarring. Glo Laser & Beauty therapists also offer the non-invasive MicroPeel treatment which uses a combination of radio frequency technology and microdermabrasion in order to treat stretch marks many women experience after pregnancy.
Whether it is a result of family history, pregnancy, the use of certain medications, rapid weight loss or gain, if you have stretch marks or acne scarring, the Glo Laser & Beauty team has the best in treatments designed to aid you in getting rid of skin conditions like this to give you a new lease on life!
Remember that along with the unique non-invasive beauty treatments on offer at Glo Laser & Beauty you can also rely on them to provide you with affordable, pain-free laser hair removal packages that will have you in and out of the salon in as little as five minutes!
When you are welcomed into the Glo family you will find that you never need to go anywhere else for a beauty treatment in Pretoria, not while Glo Laser & Beauty has everything you need to suit your individual health and beauty needs perfectly!

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