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Five Health Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment which has fast become popular as an alternative treatment for visiting the doctor. It can be described as being the application of a soft and controlled pressure to specific points on your body with most of the focus either being on your hands, feet or ears.  Through the research and work completed by Dr Barbara and Dr Kein Kunz, although the finer details behind it are still unclear, the four initial benefits of this treatment are:
  • Assisting people to relax
  • Having a positive impact on body organs
  • The Improvement of symptoms
  • Helps reduce pain levels
As time has gone on by, there have been further studies and improvements on this treatment. Some of the further benefits of having reflexology include:
#1 Increased and Improved Nerve Function
As a person gets older, they tend to experience a loss in sensitivity within the body. Reflexology is linked to the stimulation of more than 7000 different nerve endings through one session. The more reflexology you do, the more likely you are to improve the functionality of your entire body.
#2 Give Your Metabolism A Boost
When focus is placed on realigning the functioning of the different organs and muscle systems in your body, you have the ability to increase your metabolism. If you’re feeling like you lacking energy and the ability to remain alert, you should consider going for a reflexology consultation and take the first step to becoming revitalised again.
#3 Increase Your Blood Circulation
A benefit which has a substantial amount of evidence to back it, by going for reflexology you can increase your blood circulation in your body. This results in sufficient blood and oxygen circulation through your body
Working hand-in-hand with boosting your metabolism, this treatment can assist in optimal function of all your vital organs. With the increase in blood circulation, should you injure yourself, you don’t have to worry with a slow healing time as reflexology helps you heal faster.
#4 General Relaxation and Improved Sleeping Patterns
If you’re feeling stressed and are experiencing a broken sleeping pattern, you can also try reflexology. As the treatment opens up neural pathways, it assists in making you more relaxed. The more relaxed you are the better and this instills a sense of calm in your body.  The treatment assists people who suffer from insomnia.
#5 A Method of Detoxing
If you’re eating a large amount of processed foods or foods which contain a high amount of additives, you might get yourself feeling like you’re full of aches and pain. This is due to an increase in the level of toxins within your body. By having reflexology done, you can increase your bladder function which will allow you to better pass toxins and any other unwanted substance.
These are just a few of the many benefits of having reflexology. With the list being endlessness, you should consider it to recenter yourself and improve your organ function. If you’re considering this method of treatment, contact the team at Globeauty. With the beauty therapists combined years of experience, they’ll be sure to assist you with any query you may have.

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