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6 Mother's day Do's & Don'ts

Ah Mother’s day, the time of the year you get to show your mom how much you appreciate her. Look, we are not saying your self-made macaroni photo frame isn’t adorable, we are just saying we think there might be some other alternative things you can do for her that will make her so much happier. So here are the do’s and don’ts for this Mother’s day:

Breakfast in bed

Do surprise her in the morning with a hearty breakfast in bed. Make her favourite breakfast or just something special like some easy to makechoc chip pancakes that will really show her you put your heart and soul into that breakfast.
Don’t heat up an old croissant and call it breakfast. And most of all DO NOT let your mom clean the explosion you left for her in the kitchen. The last thing your mother needs is a clean-up session of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima first thing in the morning on what is supposed to be heroff-day.


Yes, flowers are a must. No need to go all out though, a simple rose on the tray with her breakfast will do the trick. Every woman loves flowers. Find out what her favourite is, and get them for her because even if the budget is a bit tight you can always buy her a single flower.
Don’t buy her a plastic flower/ornament. It may look like the real deal and the idea behind it that it will last forever is sweet and all but please note: You are making more work for her than anything else. Fake flowers used as ornaments in the house gather a lot of dust and she will despise having to clean that thing every other day.


Do buy her something that only she can use. Mother’s day is about appreciating your mom and how much she does for you. Surprise her with her favouriteGIN, somecosy pajamas, a bathbomb or a Glo Laser and Beauty gift voucher for her to pamper herself at one of our awesome salons or to even make her life a lot easier with Laser Hair Removal. All of these are things she can use on this “off day” and she willlove you for it.
No doormats, oven mitts or Tupperware. Mothers are not homogenous creatures. Not all of them want padded coat hangers, scented drawer liners or muffin pans despite what the laundry detergent commercials tell you. Don’t buy her something that will benefit someone else.
So use these do’s and don’ts to spoil your mom this Mother’s day and also to help you become the favourite child again. You’re welcome
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