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The daily ups and downs we experience in a world that seems to accelerate faster and faster every day has a profound effect on our overall health, no matter which way you look at it, and the more we move away from our humanity and into the world of technology, the less in touch we become with our inner feelings, which will ultimately manifest as physical, mental and emotional health issues.
It is a really grim reality, but, stress is in fact related to around 70% of all physical diseases, it’s just hard for us to see it on a day to day basis, but the accumulative effect is one that cannot be ignored, not if your overall health is important to you!
Your heart takes tremendous strain from the daily grind, and none of us are immune to experiences that leave sadness, stress, grief and anger floating around in our bodies, completely aside from inner manifestations, all of which combines to adding more and more pressure on the health of our hearts and general physical wellbeing.
When stress and trauma of any kind are heaped on, again and again, bouncing back keeps getting harder, and this is the time that wisdom should bring us back to natural healing options that cost a lot less than constant visits to doctors and dealing with a failing heart!
This is why reflexology is considered by many to be an essential part of combating the effects of stress, and it is definitely an affordable, holistic treatment that goes beyond the symptoms of daily stress by treating mind, body and spirit to get to the root of physical manifestations of stress.
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria has a team of fully trained therapists who know exactly how to use the right techniques with their pressure point massages on the feet, created and developed to rebalance mind and body, improve blood circulation, which is excellent for maintaining the health of your heart, as well as reducing toxins via the lymphatic drainage system.
Reflexology, like all the treatments offered at Glo Laser & Beauty, is aimed at taking you to a place of deep relaxation in order to give your body the ability to deal with the daily stresses and strains placed on it, and to make coping with these a whole lot easier.
Reflexology assists to release endorphins, those feel-good hormones that we need so badly in our fast-paced world! The stress and tension reduction that is brought about by the improvement to blood and lymph circulation created by reflexology makes it one of the cheapest, most natural ways of maintaining our balance in a busy life – and we can all do with a little more of the ‘feel-good’ stuff!
There are so many pressure points in our feet that have a direct link to areas of our bodies such as our kidneys, sinus, brain, heart and adrenal glands, to name just a few, yet, we expect them to carry us year after year without giving them a second thought!
You owe it to your feet, body, mind and spirit to make sure to schedule regular reflexology and massage sessions, you will find that your ability to bounce back and manage stress will be a lot more positive, and the team at Glo would love to welcome you into their world of calm and peace, and to give you the best of their experience and passion for what they do to make your days a little easier!

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