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There are a myriad of skin conditions that bring men and women into a beauty salon, but not every salon offers the unrivalled range presented by the highly trained professionals at Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic!
There is a solution to every skin condition and a skincare treatment to address it at Glo, as you can see in the A-Z list on the Glo Laser & Beauty website, which means that no matter what you need help with, this passionate team will find a solution that will leave your skin healthy and glowing by the time you walk out of their door!
Oily skin may seem like a simple, everyday issue, but for most of us, that shiny skin can affect our confidence levels, however, once your professional therapist has been able to, through a process of elimination at your first consultation, get to the core of the issue, the solution will not be far behind.
Pimples and comodones are often a side effect of oily skin, most often found on the forehead and chin, especially in people with acne, and while we know that this is most certainly not caused by dirt, these are still aspects of an oily skin that can make us feel self-conscious.
Much like stretch marks and other skin problems, oily skin can have its origin in genetics, or can be as a result of stress, menstrual cycles, and the environment in which you work or live, and can even be exacerbated by the climate.
The good news is that oily skin is easy to treat, once the cause has been found, and the Glo team use a combination of various in-salon facials that give your skin a deep cleanse, and then ensure that you go home with high-quality home treatments that will carry on the good work out of the salon.
The facials specifically developed and directed at oily skin are carried out using the Glo Laser & Beauty skincare ranges of their choice, Lamelle and Nimue, both of which are clinically proven products with exceptional reputations for effectiveness.
Oily skin has been used as an example of the approach that the highly trained therapists use in order to offer each client the personal attention they deserve when they enter the door at Glo, taking time to understand exactly how each skin condition is affecting individual clients, and then to work with the client to decide on the best route to take for the ultimate results.
Glo Laser & Beauty is not just about the more serious and challenging skin conditions some of us face, their commitment is to make sure that they offer something relaxing and rejuvenating for every client that enters their welcoming environment!
Having a facial, massage, reflexology session or a simple pamper is as important to our wellbeing as it is to have access to fantastic, non-invasive skin treatments that are targeted at skin tightening, acne treatment, hyperpigmentation and so much more in a relaxed atmosphere created by therapists who are all unique individuals, doing what they love most – giving you the best of the GLO experience every time you share your time with them at Glo Laser & Beauty!
Book your consultation with the team and let them show you what they believe most – there IS a solution to every skin condition known to mankind! Oh, and pain-free laser hair removal is also on the list at Glo, so, if hair is the issue, Glo Laser & Beauty has the perfect solution!

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