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Is skin pigmentation keeping you behind closed doors?

Besides the fact that we do our best in our beauty routines and with liberal amounts of sun protection creams to protect our skins from wrinkles, skin pigmentation still affects a large percentage of women negatively.
You could have the most beautiful skin and yet feel done in by skin pigmentation, and it’s sadly a fait accompli that you may battle with pigmentation when it comes to certain pre-existing or new conditions in your life.
Women with severe pigmentation have been known to lock themselves away rather than face the world as they are, which is sad but unfortunately true. The emotional and psychological effects of skin pigmentation and acne scarring can be very high.
Some of the causes attributed to skin pigmentation include:
If you are light-skinned with sprinkles of freckles here and there on your face, chances are you’ll be prone to sunburn, which is why it’s wise to understand the genetic mutation caused by the formation of melanin.
As we age, our skin is less able to resist UV rays we’ve exposed our skin to in our youth, clearing the way for the toll the accumulated exposure to the sun will cause in the form of pigmentation.
Women with darker skin are affected differently when it comes to pigmentation. Because of larger, overactive melanocytes, women with darker skin face the battle of hyperpigmentation and pigmentation as much as those with fair skin.
UV Rays:
The damage caused by lazy summers stretched out in the sun may not show for many years, but as we age, UV damage becomes visible in the form of ‘age’ spots or ‘sun’ spots.
Skin cancer isn’t the only for the drive to make sure that men and women lather on sunscreen many times a day, especially in sunny South Africa!
Before you even apply moisturiser, there should already be a healthy layer of sun protection cream in place, the rest can follow, but if you’d like to avoid the damage to skin the sun can cause, make sure you cover up!
Birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause are all hormonal changes that can trigger skin pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.
The good news is that there are great beauty products for pigmentation on the market today that assist in making sure that pigmentation is not a lifelong issue.
Various medications, such as those taken for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension can cause hyperpigmentation. The same can be said for certain antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that set off allergic reactions that can cause pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.
Glo Laser & Beauty Clinic in Pretoria can help you with the treatment of skin pigmentation by using:
  • Lamelle Pigmentation Chemical Peel
  • FormaTK’s Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation Treatment
These are treatments that are designed to be used in-store only by professionals such as those at Glo Laser & Beauty
In-between pigmentation treatments at Glo, the beauty therapists will make sure that you go home with the perfect products to continue the process that’s been started in-salon.
These products include the Lamelle Luminescent Range and the Nimue Hyperpigmented Skin Range, hand-picked very carefully by your beauty therapist based on your skin type and severity of pigmentation.
Don’t lock yourself away behind closed doors because of skin pigmentation, or acne scarring for that matter: let the caring team at Glo Laser & Beauty change the way you look at yourself with the right skincare to chase pigmentation blues away!

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