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The Many Benefits of Waxing

Are you tired of bending over backwards just to get that pesky spot that needs to be shaved on your body? Do you experience body aches after shaving your legs, underarm and bikini line? If so, maybe shaving is not for you. You should consider the alternative: a good waxing.
Waxing Benefits
Waxing vs. shaving is one of those debates that has lasted for decades. Sure shaving is more convenient, but waxing is a healthier alternative. Your only sacrifice would be the pain induced by the procedure. But the results and the benefits can really speak for itself.
It lasts longer
When you shave, it grows back in as little as a day! When you choose to wax away your unwanted hairs, it can stay hairless for weeks, allowing you to wear your favourite bikinis and lift your arms up in confidence, without worrying about a subtle or a loose hair peeking through.
No cuts and nicks
Another side effect of shaving is the cuts and nicks you often get from it. Because of this, your skin is either stained with your own blood or you have these small scars all over your legs, armpits, or your bikini line. With that said, a good wax every few weeks can save you from the pain of shaving and can give you a better look overall.
Avoids Irritations and Allergies
Components used in shaving compounds often have negative effects on some people’s skins. That makes shaving for these people a bigger challenge than it needs to be. However, people who suffer from allergies caused by shaving gels and cream can avoid the hassle when they choose to wax every few weeks. No skin irritations and no allergies will be triggered because the wax used in the process is often made from natural ingredients that are good for the skin.
Waxing makes your skin feel smoother
After your skin has been waxed, it feels almost as smooth as a baby’s skin. You just can’t get that level of smoothness with shaving, as it always leaves you with stubbly feel to not long after you have shaved.
Stubble-free skin
The biggest difference between waxing and shaving, is the stubble. A razor cuts the hair right to the pore, where it is set up to grow as soon as it can again. Now, when you wax your hair, the hair is removed completely from the root. And so, the skin will feel softer and because the hair will regrow completely, it will sport a softer texture compared to a shaved one.
Now that you know the advantages of waxing, you will never want to try shaving again. And if you haven’t tried a good waxing yet, then it is high time you tried it to see for yourself just how great it is.
Contact the Glo team, and they will guide you through your first waxing session, and make it fun!

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