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Tanning Bed Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Next Session

Don’t have time to go to the beach and get that healthy tan glow on your skin? If so, a tanning bed may be the solution you need. But before you jump into a tanning bed, do you know how to stay safe and prepared for your session?
Tanning Beds
A lot of beauty salons offer tanning services in the form of tanning beds. Getting into a tanning bed is fun, quick, and safe. You get in feeling like white bread, and you get out looking like a beautiful piece of toast. But to make your experience more fun and, keep these tips in mind for your next session:
Prepare your skin
Before you go to the salon for your booked tanning bed session, take the time to prepare yourself; more specifically your skin. It is highly advised to take a bath with some mild soap or body wash and a good quality exfoliator. Next, scrub your body with a circular motion using your scrubber to help remove the dead skin. The reason behind this is because it will allow the tan to be better. After your shower, use a moisturizer for your skin.
Time Spent
Time spent in the tanning bed may vary. Beginners may first take on 10 minutes and slowly build themselves up to 25 minute sessions. For experienced tanners, talk to the salon employees to get an idea of how long you should stay.
IMPORTANT: If at any time while you are in the tanning bed you start to feel a prickly or stinging sensation on your skin, stop immediately. That is a telltale sign of over exposure and can prove harmful to your health.
Temporary Tattoos
Want a temporary tattoo to go with your tan? Why not choose a sticker, could be a flower or a heart shape, and place it over the desired body part like the chest or your stomach. After you get out of the tanning bed, and peel the sticker off, you get a part of your skin that was not affected by the UV rays, resulting in a cool temp tattoo.
Cover Up
Both indoor and outdoor tanning have their own risks; remember to cover up your body’s sensitive parts like your eyes, nipples, and genitals. What’s more, put on some SPF 15 lip balm to prevent your lips from chapping.
Double Check with your Doctor
Another good thing to remember before booking a tanning booth is your prescription medications. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicine to ensure that you will not experience any side effects when you get the tan.
Tanning doesn’t just have to be you sitting in a tanning bed waiting to get out; it’s the perfect time to daydream a little of a tropical island in the sun, while you take the easy route to a healthy glow. Do it safely and have some fun while you get that healthy glow.
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