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Amazing massages the GLO Laser and Beauty way

At GLO Laser and Beauty we do not believe that massage is a self-indulgent luxury, but is rather a very powerful therapeutic tool and should become an important part of your life in order to maintain inner and outer balance.
Some of us spend hours scrunched up at our  desks every day, sitting for hours or driving in rush-hour traffic on a daily basis, these repetitive and seemingly mundane parts of our lives start creating a pattern of tension in our muscles, which can have a really nasty effect on not just our bodies, but also on our minds.  This kind of daily exposure to low-grade tension which is habitual can in turn cause an array of hormonal, biochemical and neurological problems, which is exactly why the team of massage therapists at GLO are experts at breaking down and interrupting the patterns that are induced by stress, using an outcome-based massage to help move your body into a natural state of balance.
Not only will our massage therapy at GLO leave you feeling renewed, but the added benefits such as assisting lymphatic drainage, stimulating the immune system, increasing oxygen supply to the tissues and improved blood circulation will leave you ready to deal with a fast paced lifestyle.
Convincing clinical evidence is accumulating which shows that people who make massage a way of life find that levels of anxiety and stress are definitely lowered by massage.  Lower back pain is another condition that affects a large percentage of individuals and massage can definitely interrupt the pain loop in your body caused by general lower back pain.
Massage is known to soothe tension headaches, assist with the restoration of deep sleep, relieve symptoms of depression and lower blood pressure, the treatment of which via massage therapy cannot be considered a self-indulgent luxury, and may in fact lower your doctor’s bills!
Our massage therapists at GLO use homeopathy and aromatherapy oils containing homeopathic remedies, superior grade essential oils and pure cold pressed carrier oils manufactured by our preferred supplier, Lilian Terry.  The levels of healing properties these oils convey are both therapeutic and preventative, and we love that Lilian Terry’s products are not tested on animals!
Contact GLO Laser and Beauty to change your perception of massage completely and become a member of the GLO family in Pretoria, we would love to hear from you!

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