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Signs that you’re Overdue for a Massage

Signs that you’re Overdue for a Massage

It's time for you to unwind and allow Glo to relieve you from stress

An art that has been perfected over thousands of years, a massage is a great way to relax your body and to relieve stress that you often feel. A good massage from a qualified masseuse will help improve your body’s circulation and lower blood pressure. With its many benefits, you’re probably anticipating your next massage appointment.
Is it time for one?
The main indicator that you are in need of a massage is stress. Our bodies carry all the stress we are loaded with each day, tying muscles into painful knots that cry out for relief, while we push it to its limit. This list will help you identify some of the telltale signs that your stress has crossed a line and it is now time for a massage.
Frequent fatigue and exhaustion
Have you been experiencing a lot of pressure lately? Physical exhaustion isn’t the only one to watch out for. Office workers can experience what is called brain fog, which is mental exhaustion. Signs of which include forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate.
Colds and Other Illnesses
Our bodies are built with its own defence system. And when you catch colds more often than you have before, it’s a sure sign that you are operating under severe stress. When you're stressed, your heart rate goes up, and, when it’s up, your circulatory system is affected. The end result is a weaker immune system.
Sudden Weight Gain, Loss or Fluctuation
Different people deal with stress in different ways. Some people overeat, and some stop eating. These sudden changes in your diet can cause the fluctuation in your weight. The stress causes you to lose control of your normal hormonal balance. Naturally, it's a good idea to speak to your doctor if stress is taking too high a toll on your health, but, unless there are clinical reasons not to, book yourself that massage, seriously!
Low Libido
Stress affects how you are in the bedroom. It’s amazing that a sudden change in your environment can cause such changes in your body. So, if you’re looking to get pregnant, but stress is getting in the way, it might be a good idea to address your stress with a great massage to raise your overall 'feel-good' levels.
Chest Pains
This one is probably the most serious symptom of stress. Experiencing chest pains causes more stress. It’s a vicious cycle. If you have been experiencing mild to moderate chest pains it’s important to seek out professional help as soon as you can, but seriously consider the relaxing and healing effects of a good massage regularly.
If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, then maybe it’s time you step back from your hectic life and book a nice long massage. We guarantee to help relieve stress and make you feel better.
And if you’re looking for a spa that can offer you a massage and so much more, then Glo Laser & Beauty is the place you need to go. Book your spa day today and pamper the stress away!

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