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Tattoos vs Laser Hair Removal

Tattoos vs Laser Hair Removal

Okay, so we are going to keep this one simple. More and more people are getting tattoos and more and more people want to get Laser Hair Removal. So with a rise in demand for both of these, how do we take precautions?
Can I get a tattoo after I have had Laser Hair Removal?
Yes, you can. However, we would suggest you wait 2 weeks or so. Laser Hair Removal is still a treatment that can make your skin feel sensitive for a while so just to be safe, we would wait 2 weeks.
Can I get laser hair removal on a tattoed area?
The answer is simply no. The reason is that the energy of the laser is attracted to pigment. in hair and hair follicles. The pigment hair and follicles absorb the lasers energy and that way, the laser destroys the ability to produce more hair.
Tattoos are nothing but pigment, so if you were to treat an area that has a tattoo, the energy of the laser will be absorbed by the ink. The lasers are designed specifically for treating hair, so your tattooed skin won't be able to cool quickly enough and is then very very likely to form blisters and scars.
Do they use the same laser to remove tattoos as they do to remove hair?
The lasers used for hair removal and tattoo removal are very different. Tattoo removal lasers deliver energy much faster so that the laser hits the pigment causing it to fragment (Break down). In contrast, the laser used for hair removal is meant to deliver energy to be absorbed by the hair follicle, which in turn depletes its ability to produce more hair.
So the bottom line is, if you would like to do both, you will have to do laser hair removal first. Vitis you nearest Glo laser and beauty or click on thislink for the prices on Laser Hair Removal.

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