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Using less makeup as you age keeps you looking dynamite

You eat right, use the right skincare products and work your skincare routine like a Trojan in order to retain healthy glowing skin as you age, which is as it should be.
But what about makeup?  To keep you looking at your best, there are adjustments to be made in the way you wear your makeup that’ll keep you looking younger.
A great start is to invest in permanent makeup, reducing the amount of makeup you actually have to wear, especially if you wear it daily. It’ll save you time and look a lot more natural than anything painted or drawn on would.
Permanent makeup gives you perfectly shaped eyebrows, eyeliner that never smudges and lip liner that is always ready and waiting for a touch of colour.
With that out of the way, here are a few tips for wearing your makeup in style as you age:
  • Less is more
When you’re young you can’t wait to wear makeup to look older, but as you age, wearing less makeup tastefully is going to do you great justice.
This is when makeup should be used as a vehicle to highlighting your assets and concealing here and there, without plastering a mask on to hide your natural beauty!
Stay away from matte foundations and use products that are filled with moisture. After all, you need help to make up for the loss of natural oils you experience as you age.
  • Bronzer instead of sun
There are moisture-filled bronzers on the market that’ll help you achieve that sun-kissed look without the damage that exposing your face to the sun will cause.
Use a little, the emphasis being on little, foundation to even out your skin tone before you apply the bronzer.
Of course, the first layer in this routine should always be sunscreen!  If you haven’t already had to accept sun damage to your skin such as pigmentation, sun spots and dehydration, along with fine lines and wrinkles, do the work of using sunscreen as the base to makeup, every time.
  • Hold the shimmer
No matter how much you love shimmery eye shadow, aging eyes don’t take kindly to it at all.  This doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely, just tone it down so that they don’t highlight every wrinkle in the light.
  • Luscious lips
As you age, your lips lose their smoothness, becoming dry and wrinkled, which makes frosted lipsticks a no-no if you don’t want every flaw being lit up.
You’d be closer to having lips that look younger and deliciously plump if you move to sheer lipsticks.  Matt just doesn’t work for lips either.  This is where having permanent lip liner is going to be a blessing, as you can avoid the feathering of lipstick into wrinkles when you do use lighter colours.
Creamy hydrating lipstick will keep your lips looking youthful and smooth.  You’ll just have to make sure that the lip liner you wear is a matching colour, for maximum effect.
  • Muted colours
When we’re young anything goes in terms of makeup; bright colours that contrast such as Goth eyes and bright red lipstick.  Softening the colours you wear on your eyes and lips is going to go a long way to retaining a fresh youthful look as you age gracefully.
If you do decide to lighten the makeup burden by investing in permanent makeup, let the team at Glo Laser & Beauty introduce you to just how easy it is to achieve hassle-free beauty.  You’ll wonder why it took you so long to get there!
Stick to the less is more principle as you age and you will look dynamite!

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