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Tips on how to avoid premature ageing

GLO Laser and Beauty invites you into their world which is a celebration of the power inner beauty has to create luminous outer beauty in a stylish, inviting and relaxed environment, introducing you to a team who delight in creating an atmosphere where wellness, diversity and laughter make the pleasure of specialised beauty treatments a truly fun experience.
Using only the latest in technology for pain-free laser hair removal and their choice range of Lamelle skin care products, this is a team determined to bring out the glow in every client who enters their world of magic!
While healthy and glowing skin is definitely the speciality and domain of the consultants who make up the family at GLO Laser and Beauty, they also have a few great tips on what to avoid where it comes to the application of makeup which will only serve to make you look older, and considering that GLO Laser and Beauty’s systems were Aesthetic Awards Winners in 2015, it is well worth taking a little guidance from them to make the most of your makeup.
Starting with foundation, this is something that if too thick will settle into the fine lines you may have and should in fact only be used as sparingly as possible just to even out any discolouration of your skin.  Rather than using a thick concealer for the shadows under your eyes, which will only serve to draw attention to those fine lines again, use a brush-on highlighter instead to suit the thinness of the skin.
Choose bright lipsticks and glosses to make your mouth look fuller and try to use a sheer translucent powder only on your nose and chin as a finishing touch so that you don’t magnify any lines. Eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look more open, but instead of a thick black liner use a brown pencil liner along the upper lash, focus on the outer corners and smudge it a bit with an ear bud to soften it.
Your GLO Laser and Beauty consultant will help you make the most of lip liners, mascara, blush and eyebrow pencils as well, so that you can bring out the best of your GLO skincare regime instead of covering it up and adding years to your skin with the incorrect use of makeup.
Contact the team at GLO Laser and Beauty to plan your journey to beautiful skin and makeup tips to make the most of your own innate beauty.

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